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Always Hire The Best For Your Roof Repair in Amherst

If you are looking for a quality Amherst roof repair service, you have come to the right place. A quality roof repair would literally save you thousands of dollars by preventing water leakage and wind damage. Repairing a roof is not as easy as it looks the hardest part is to pinpoint the location of the leak. Water leaking from one location can travel to another location before being noticeable. That is why having the roof checked by a qualified professional would actually solve your leak problems.

A damaged roof with either leaks or broken shingles is repairable and our roofers are equipped to deal with these common issues. Our experience in repairing shingles, tile, single-ply, and other types of roofs have helped us in serving the Chilliwack community as a company.

We specialize in all aspects of roof repair in Amherst. No job is ever too small or too large for Horvath Roofing:

  • Leak detection and prevention
  • All types of metal roof repairs and replacement
  • Waterproofing to flat roofs
  • All broken and chipped tiles replacement
  • Re-bedding on all ridge caps and gables.
  • Re-pointing on all ridge caps and gables.
  • Lead flashing repair or replacement.
  • Valleys either treated for rust or replaced.

We strive to provide quality roofing that lasts for years. As a premium roofing company, we strive to complete all projects within the minimum time frame. Each and every home provides unique tasks, like the slope of the roof, square footage, number of layers, surroundings, underlayment structure, and much more. Our roof repair professionals provide candid on-site assessments, along with a true estimate of your requirements. The roofers at our company are well versed in a variety of materials including shingles, metal, flat roofing, and more.

For years, we have provided expert roofing services to residents in Lorain County and beyond. We are a locally owned and operated business that strives for perfection in each project. For your roofing problems, choose local. Emergencies and unexpected weather happen, so who is more qualified to trust in these situations but a local roofer in Amherst? Call us today and say goodbye to all your roof problems. We are committed to serving the local communities with the best quality workmanship.


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January 11, 2021
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