Horvath Roofing ImagesHorvath Roofing, Inc. values our customers and their familys safety. If you are planning to have Horvath Roofing, Inc. handle any of your roofing needs, please take a look at our safety bulletin below.

  • Please remove wall hangings and breakable objects from shelves. During the re-roofing process, vibrations may be sent through your rafters to your interior walls and cause items to shift or fall.
  • Please remove patio furniture, grills, hanging flowerpots, etc. away from the home to ensure their safety. If you need assistance with this, our crew will be happy to help.
  • Please confine pets indoors or restrain them away from the home, as their safety is important.
  • If you have a swimming pool, it needs to be covered to prevent debris from entering it.
  • Please remove any needed vehicles from the garage and driveway before the roofing material is delivered to your home. This is for your protection as well.
  • Please disarm any burglar alarms as the hammering process may set it off.
  • Please do not water your yard or gardening beds the day before we start your roofing project.
  • Please cover storage areas in your attic, as dust and debris will fall through the 1 x 4 slats during the re-decking process. If your roof does not need to be re-decked, this step is not necessary.
  • If you currently have a satellite dish installed on your roof decking, a qualified person will need to remount and tune your satellite dish after completion of the roof installation. The cost of such work shall be the sole responsibility of the homeowner. If your roof was paid for through an insurance claim, they do owe the amount to have this service provided.
  • The roofing crew will need to be supplied with a source of electricity and water.
  • When entering or leaving your home, be cautious as debris or other objects may fall from roof.
  • Please do not climb our ladders or access the roof during construction for the safety of everyone.
  • During the roof installation, vent pipes may come off the top of the hot water heater or furnace. After the roofing project is complete, it is important to inspect these pipes to ensure they are sitting over the exhaust fixtures properly.
  • Your roofing consultant can help you with this.
  • Although we conduct a thorough inspection for stray nails with a magnetic nail bar after the work is completed, it can be expected that you will continue to find roofing nails long after the work has been completed. It is realistically impossible to find every single one. Please be mindful of this.
  • In the event that we are removing a wood roof, such as a cedar shake, and decking the house with new plywood, you may notice a visible gap below the siding where it meets an existing roof section. These areas are called sidewalls and the resulting gap is unavoidable due to the fact that the original wood roof was much thicker than the newly installed 7/16 plywood decking with composition shingles. Horvath Roofing Inc. shall have no liability with regard to a gap of this nature. It is a unavoidable situation that we cannot prevent.
  • Please note that composition shingles may not lay flat and tight upon completion of the roof job. They require several weeks to wamn up andrelax onto the roof deck. This settle time will vary depending on what season it is.

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