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No Heavy Trucks on Your Lawn!

A professional roofer is usually worth extra expenses; at the same time why pay someone to do something that can easily be avoided by using the Roofers Buggy!

The New Roof No Mess program that is offered through the Roofers Buggy assures homeowners that a roofing company has the ability to protect their landscaping; also assuring them that their finances will be spent on the details and proper installation of the roof and not on unnecessary labor cost that can occur from debris removal.

Horvath Roofing Images

Protect flower beds, shrubbery, and landscaping

Its container can be placed overtop of shrubbery and flower beds.
  • Its self-propelled (No heavy trucks on your yard)
  • Its compact allowing it to go most anywhere
  • It has wide tires to prevent tracks in lawns
  • Its lid opens, almost doubling the debris catch area
Without the Roofers Buggy most times the debris and old roofing material has been thrown to the ground and then manually picked up to be put into a disposal container. At times a dump truck, trailer or dumpster has been placed adjacent to the building and attempted to throw the material from the roof into the container; these methods have caused damage to lawns, shrubs or fences by falling debris or by the vehicles themselves.

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