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The Only Gutter Cover Protection System You'll Ever Need!

LeafZero brings real peace of mind to home owners around the world who need a gutter protection system that really works the first time and every time.
LeafZero keeps debris out of gutters, allowing nothing but water to flow freely through the gutter system.

Horvath Roofing ImagesLeafZero installs securely to the front lip of the gutter system with our quick secure lock snap system and lays along the fascia board which eliminates damage from clogged gutters, high winds, heavy snow and ice. The top quality extremely rigid PVC construction of LeafZero is simply the best in the industry and is guaranteed to resist damage from bugs, birds, squirrels, nuts, buckeyes, raccoons, hornets and bees. It will keep your gutters free and clear of debris, guaranteed!

LeafZero has been carefully engineered and tested. It has proved to be the absolute best and only gutter cover protection system you will ever need, hands down!

We back LeafZero with a 10 year, no clog, limited warranty!

Benefits of having LeafZero
  • Puts an end to routine gutter cleaning, lowering maintenance cost and hassles.
  • No more dangerous trips up the ladder.
  • Never clean your gutters again, guaranteed!
LeafZero Facts
  • Does not go under the shingles or the roof, which eliminates any possible damage to either.
  • Does not void your roof warranty.
  • Once installed, it will never have to be removed again, it becomes a vital part of your gutter system.
  • Will add years of life to your gutter system.
  • Only water will enter- absolutely no debris.
  • Gutter will remain free-flowing for water.
  • Manufactured with the best absolute quality exterior grade PVC that is sure to withstand the elements.
  • Performs well with any roof material or roof pitch.
  • Raised profile for those stubborn hangers.
  • Raindrop hole for better water flow.
  • LeafZero is installed on top of K-Style gutters
The 3-Point Ridge System
  • Allows for easy installation.
  • Allows for expansion and contraction associated with temperature changes.
  • Allows for air to travel through the gutter system to help keep out mold and mildew, and to help any debris on top of the gutter cover system blow off more easily.
  • The points keep debris from lying flat on the gutter cover system.
  • Allows for easy alignment when installing, ensuring that you keep a straight line.

LeafZero Independent Testing Results

Leaf Entry/Blockage
LeafZero- 100%
Popular competitors - 90%
Wire Mesh - 0%
Twig Entry/Blockage
LeafZero- 99 to 100%
Popular competitors - 75%
Wire mesh - 0%
Pine Needle Entry/Blockage
LeafZero- 97% (no water-flow reduction)
Popular competitors - 86%
Wire mesh - 48%

Horvath Roofing ImagesOpen Water Flow: 30.1 inches of water per hour (20 foot roof section) Thats 2.5 times greater than the official rainfall world record (12 inches per hour)!

Obstructed Water Flow: 20.1 inches of water per hour when covered with wet leaves (20 foot section) Still 1.5 times greater than the world record!

Clearing of Debris: Most dry debris cleared from the surface with a 5 mph breeze. When still wet, debris is removed with a 21mph wind speed.

Strength: Excellent unmatched durability!
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